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The global instantaneous appearance of a fashion item with little or no value other than cost and the purposes of parting people with more money than sense from their cash. Not to be confused with a Cashmeaner which is a fashion item resembling one bought at Hermes but actually bought outside the railway station or Fashmeaner which is style originating from the thrift shop. Or a Fashwiener which typically refers to a male person and who has more money than fashion sense and follows the "mutton dressed as lamb" code of clothes buying. Definitely not to be confused with a pash which has nothing to do with clothing at all.
A group of ladies sat overheating in a cafe wrestling with their new Cashminas for which there was no cloakroom, no handbag space and no use other than talk about how necessary and expensive they were.
by Ready, Set, Wait September 10, 2010
Emo scarf that probably was an old tea towel from the deepest depth of you granmothers egg sack.
Simon, what a lovely cashmina

Did you just rob a train with that cashmina?

Thats a lovely tea towel
by Jamalam February 02, 2008

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