When a keg has run out and another one is needed on the double.
Damn, the keg is cashed, and I just bought my cup.
by partaychica June 06, 2004
Defition of cashed- Marijuana, drugs, alchohol and other bad things occuring usaully at a party and the next day your cashed
Dude, i was so cashed from those beers last night!
by Jo jo jo hanna February 21, 2008
all of the above; also destroyed, good for nothing
Hey, Harry, let's cash this place.

Ever since the po po came that night, the bunny house has been cashed.
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
when you are high/blazed/gone BEYOND RECOGNITION.
"I'm cashed"
I'm too cashed to drive...
"You're cashed out!
by GLADIVS March 09, 2004
Used to describe someone's eyes after they've indulged in too much marijuana.
"Hey bro, Fat Cheddar's eyes were cashed after sparkin' that Swisher with the dro in it."
by bigSHAYT September 18, 2003
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