An "incentive" offered by companies where they charge you more money and then give it to you at the time of purchase. Also known as "customer cash," cash back is frequently a ploy used by car dealerships and more recently cable TV providers. It plays on greedy consumers' tendency toward impulse buying. To the dealer it sounds like "here's some of the money you're going to pay us" but to the average consumer it sounds like "I can go buy a new car AND a flatscreen TV!"
Come in today and buy a new car and get $2,00 cash back!
by Majik Fox March 29, 2009
Top Definition
Derived from famous Alan Partridge series. Used as an expression of particular enthusiasm in relation to value for money aspect of the considered event.
"Sonia, she's my wife. She's from Ukraine* . Cashback!"

*(blonde, fit, dum, 40 yrold)
by Mike January 04, 2005
Free money from supermarkets in exchange for writing your initials next to the amount gained
"Would you like any cashback sir?"
"£20, please"
by grippa December 09, 2003
Cash back, adj. An exclamation comparable to 'Great!', 'Excellent!' or 'Dandy!'.

See: Jurassic Park
by alan partridge January 19, 2003
To receive a hand job with a $20 bill wrapped around you penis. The man then ejaculates on to the girl's face and places the $20 into her mouth.
Dude I Gave Nicole Cash Back last night
by warpony September 09, 2010
when you remember you owe someone money or that he owe you
roger: so how about the basketball game last night with that Jane
jack: I don't know it was kind of la.. wait a sec.. cashback I remeber you owe me 50$
roger : shit, I still had a good run
jack : Oh sorry I totally cashbaked I owe you 20$ for a year now
roger:right.. LOLED

by Jacoob27 March 16, 2009
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