A mispelling of the word crazy that actually ended up sounding cool.
(Actual E-Mail Conversation)
Friend: I worked in the receiving dock for the bookstore, grunt work, opening boxes, stacking shelves, labeling and pricing merchandise…
Me: Huh, you actually had a real man job!
Friend: Yeah, can you believe it? I got DIRTY! Nothing like this job...(working at a bank)
Me: Carzy, I could never imagine you getting dirty.
Friend: It is pretty carzy. (Making fun of me)
by Shannon Redmond July 27, 2005
Top Definition
When you reach a high enough level of crazy that you don't need to spell or enunciate right, but you are not to the point of insanity.
Frustrated with the fat fingering of her friend, Kristen said, "Ahh typos, they make me carzy!"
by Naraku95 December 22, 2008
(adj.) Misspelling of the word 'crazy'. First seen in a snippet of men's bathroom graffiti at Sterling's Restaurant (Sunland, CA) in 1985.
Truck drivers are a carzy bunch - what we call pussy, thay call lunch!
by turrican September 12, 2007
Adj. Crazier than Crazy.
You did? That's Carzy!
by bbriegel November 30, 2004
1) Crazy, but to a greater extent. Came from a typo.
2) The worst video game player in existence.
1) Dude that video on youtube was carzy.
2) Carzy went -4 and 15 on that scrim.
by Duffm4n March 15, 2007
"carzy" -something too crazy to be called "crazy", unexpected, could only happen to people like kat and carolin, when joined in spirit by their CARZY friend leslie.
sentence: "damn kat, now that was carzy."
by little.wiesbaden February 17, 2010
Just off to tha Carzy for a shit now!
by Carzy May 22, 2003
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