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person of extreme stature. Loved by everyone. Admired
Tom Cruise is such a carsten
by Bobby April 04, 2005
n. pl. carstens. hottest girl in america. not a guy, even though some danish people might so.
oh man, I wish I could be carsten, she is sooo amazing at life.
by marco March 28, 2005
PRETTY MUCH a desperate high schooler in love with himself so much that it is sad. see also dweeb.
Carsten J. is such a carsten.
by Probably not jessica April 26, 2005
A white teachers pet who is obsessed with science. He is also obsessed with tech decking and plays with them a day and night. At age 11 he has a full beard and has a 2 inch long penis when erect all his life. Also picks up many whores and drives pimpin' rides.
Carsten: "ohh I havent techdecked in like 2 minutes, and my penis hurts. I need to pick up some hoes in my pimpin' ride"
by Peter Louthan 2 March 25, 2009
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