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Verb - preceded by the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol; the act during which an individual loses one's keys, cell phone, wallet, and/or identity. Loss of memory is to be expected. In extreme cases one may wake up in another state, attempt grand theft auto, or get up on a fatty; all while being the life of the party/event, even if it is for 10 minutes. May also lead to the commissioning and winning of slap bets, along with other felonious activities. Named after the great Michael Barnabas Evelyn Carroll.
"Dude what happened to you last night?"
"I don't know, man, I got carrolled."
by Theodore Evelyn Mosbey June 10, 2013
When one recieves unfavourable work assingments from management.
" You just got carrolled."

"My ass is killing me, I just got carrolled."
by A-male. April 11, 2011
To cheat someone out of something. To fleece. To steal money, or awards that rightfully belong to others. To inflate the worth of a product far beyond its true value.
USC got Carrolled. They thought they had it all but they end up with nothing but sanctions.

The Cardinals got Carrolled. They drafted Leinart in the first round and he was a bust. They lost an enormous amount of time and money in that deal.

The NFL is getting Carrolled. How many Trojan draft busts are there? A LOT. What great marketing for such a bad product.
by Realmatic October 05, 2010
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