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(v) to leave a friend/business partner in the lurch at the worst possible moment, while simultaneously rendering yourself uncontactable for an extended period.
"Just make sure you have a backup plan in case you get carparked."

"He eventually lost confidence in the venture, having been carparked by his partner so many times."
by Bruno September 20, 2004
A bird who looks posh but is easily convinced to take it up any hole over a car bonnet in the nearest carpark.
That bird is a blatant carpark. Oooooooooh carpark.
by Benjo P January 15, 2008
a term first coined by certain unscrupulous Telkom call center operators, meaning to put a caller on hold indefinitely, but then, just before the caller gives up, they give you a reference number and ask you to call back in 48 (working) hours.
operator 01: look, it's that guy calling about his line activation again!
operator 02: you better fire up the reference number generator and carpark that foo!
by alan September 21, 2004
Where people in the galaxy park their cars
Marvin had a bad 3 million years in the car park
by KaiserBasara September 24, 2005