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A cardestrian (car-destrian) is a small European car that is driven alongside pedestrians in crowded urban European streets. The car is so small, so quiet and so maneuverable that it generally integrates into pedestrian activity effortlessly. Often, cardestrians and pedestrians commute side-by-side surprisingly effectively.
That city street is teeming with pedestrians and cardestrians. Check out that Citroen cardestrian!
by JDRoss February 04, 2011
a car traveling the speed limit in a racing game. at a relative speed of -120 mph, these are more out of place in a videogame highway than a drunk pedestrian asleep in a real life crosswalk
burnout 3 would be so much easier if it weren't for the fuckin' cardestrians
by koobz2142 January 17, 2011
Another species on our roads other than cyclists that are under the illusion that it is ok to take up a whole lane going at 25km/h or slower. These are called "Cardestrians". They are basically a pedestrian in theory who believe they are a vehicle. These poor creatures believe they are entitled to take up a whole lane of a road, street, car park or drive through without a care in the world. Unfortunately, the $500 excess for their insurance won't cover death in a hospital as they will be dead from the vehicle impact from a Car, truck or Semi. Unless the "Cardestrian" weighs in excess of 500 kilos and can travel up to 110km/h, they are urged to stay to the paths they were given by the state government and local councils. Their wish, in due course, is to become a fully fledged Toyota Hylux.
"Is that an over-obsessed Pokemon player with a distinct lack of direction and care?? No, they are too old, must be another delusional Cardestrian."

"Oh look, that Cardestrian is breaking the 100km/h freeway speed limit!! And here is that bacon shower that was forecasted by the Beaurau of meteorology."
by Lacrajo August 04, 2016
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