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a condition affecting buddies on a trip who fall asleep as soon as the car starts moving, providing no company or driving help
Joe slept the whole way here, I think he suffers from carcolepsy.
by Frank Bama February 09, 2009
A nonthreatening condition found most frequently in children of all ages and a small percentage of the senior citizen population.

Victims of Carcolepsy typically show symptoms such as falling asleep as soon as a car begins to move, waking up hungry and complaining of a sore neck for hours.
Dad: "Gee whiz! Is he asleep already?"
Mom: "Oh, yeah. He's got that Carcolepsy.

I tend to be Carcoleptic, so I bring a pillow with me on road trips.
by Kryzta February 03, 2010
the condition of falling asleep anytime someone rides in a car.
I always have to drive Elizabeth because she has carcolepsy.
by tbarlow1 January 06, 2012
The condition that afflicts many people where the motion of a moving vehicle makes them tired or fall asleep very fast.
I hate going on road trips with Anthony! Thirty minutes in and he's asleep, leaving to fend for myself the next 4 hours, that dude must have a case of carcolepsy.
by MarketingMan June 24, 2016
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