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In Ireland Car is an abbreviation for cart. Ergo we have -
1. Jaunting Car
2. Long Car
3. Short Car
Visitors to Co. Kerry tour the Lakes of Killarney in a jaunting car
by Criostoir Hulme September 12, 2005
1) Form of 4-wheeled transportation
2) Knob on wheels for sexually inadequate men
3) Device for destroying the environment
by Alien Entity September 22, 2002
"central american reason", an object which is used for everything, even as a war-reason
hey see:afatamericancar!gasolinemust be cheap this year!
by nuketheworld April 20, 2003
a poem
"my name is caroyn, my friends call me car most of them are guys because they like to ride me all night long"
hey i have a poem that describes my name...
by Mickdee April 06, 2005
You use this word to describe someone who is sulky or mood.
Gosh You are such a car!
by Anonoynmous October 14, 2007
A weird man who uses irc and is quite funny. Not really a retard (caR) but more like a normal person. LOL
TH-V1RU5, CaR`, V.I.P.
by ATA_PLATA July 12, 2004
Soon-to-be ancient device, made by two guys that was very bored.

"Hey dude, I got an idea. I want to make a metallic construction, right? And it has weels, and a roof. And the seats have to be better than the ones at your house!"
"Thats a great idea - but lets put some more of those seats in the back!"
"No no, the back seats have to be terrible, with no leg room at all!"

Supposively, the 2nd person wanted to come up with a good idea, so he proclaimed:

"Hey! Lets put electic wires in the window so they dont get dim when its cold!"

Whereas the other replied:

Great idea, lets put those in the back window!
I drive a car to work.

I love my car.

Its not my car, its my love!
by Minokhoon June 02, 2005