The victim of a go-kart accident...definetly not a pirate. He is a sailor.
"Sounds like a pirate."
by andyfellovernet July 14, 2003
Top Definition
The pimpiest pirate en el mundo.
Kurt Russels Best Movie
Captain Ron gives me something to live for.
by Clay Monette October 02, 2003
A movie, made in 1992, where a Family inherits a boat from a decessed Uncle and highers a Crew Captain to sail them around sea, but usually gets them lost along the way, and gets them stuck in crazy situations.
"Hey Addisyn, what's your favorite movie?"
"Ohh, definatly the movie Captain Ron!!"
by PaYneyy April 11, 2010
When your partner closes an eye and you take a dump on said eye leaving your partner with a Captain Ron eye patch circa 1980s.
I felt like I could take on the Kreaken while riding Johnny Depp's back after my old lady gave me that stunning Captain Ron!
by ArgggMatey July 14, 2016
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