A delicious kids drink that comes in a pouch in which you jab a straw through a small opening in the pouch to drink.
Mom, pack me a Capri Sun in my lunch.
by Jaisen December 24, 2003
Top Definition
The best drink in the universe. Comes in like 20 flavors (all of which are good).
I Love Capri-Sun's all natural, no artificial ingredients, great-tasting flavor!
by Timophy.com March 26, 2005
A juice drink contained in a pouch too small to be worthwhile.
"I could blow a load bigger than a capri-sun"
by Diryn August 05, 2006
Perhaps the greatest juice drink of all time. Almost an addiction among shop staff in garages. The only downside is that the pouches are too small and you need a second one.
I need to drink a Capri Sun.
by Snake August 06, 2005
The act of cumming in a girls eye/face after getting head. Much like a capri sun would squirt you in the face after being stabbed by the straw.
Johnny: Hey bro what did you do last night?
Tom: I capri sunned my girl and after she ran out crying I watched the new episode of lost.
by Newton732 November 16, 2008
Hands down the best-tasting, most addictive drink in the entire galaxy. I have yet to drink something more refreshing and just plain-old good tasting as a pouch of capri sun. All 20+ flavors kick your ass. All natural and no bullcrap. This is THE ONLY drink you will ever need. People bitch about the small pouches, well guess what dipshits, you have 2 options: A)Get another one or B) Buy the big pouches.
I drink capri-sun like smokers smoke ciggarettes, one pack a day.
by Crazy Joe Davola August 31, 2006
One of the tastiest refreshments known to man.
If you don't like Caprisun, you can suck my cock.
by Babby October 23, 2006
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