to lie or bullshit
that niggas cappin
by miKKi da downassbitch February 01, 2009
a liar,to capto lie,fib,rumor
"This nigga cappin'!"
"You can tell he cappin' by the look on his face!"
by #1ThirstBall January 27, 2005
To make fun of (another person).
Sammy was cappin' on Tommy because of his new haircut.
by Infidel13 April 04, 2008
when someone is talking about stuff they cant afford
Why you cappin, you know you cant afford those True Religoin Jeans.
by KY-KY DA SUAVE GUY April 03, 2011
Taking mushrooms.
Mushroom caps.
Yesterday mike and I went cappin' in the park
by mojob January 11, 2010
"cappin" or "capping"
means to make fun of someone
man i saw dis girl wit dis ugly shirt i was cappin on her like, wat are u wearin trick.
by lweezybaybay December 06, 2009
To talk about somebody really bad or to bag on somebody and make them feel bad.
First person: Yo momma so fat she fell in love and broke it.
Second person: Oh so you cappin.
by Cyril K. Lewis June 21, 2006

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