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small peninsula off massachusetts that sucks money out of tourists and retired millionaires to survive, since the traditional fishing industry is slowly dying - native cod all but wiped out. beautiful beaches protected by the government since the 1950's, but that meant the locals had to give up their beach camps. basically we hate tourists but without them we'd be totally impoverished. there is nothing for kids to do so most of them destroy their brains with drugs & alcohol. everyone says they're going to leave but never manage it and stay working as a landscaper/fisherman/carpenter/waitress/cashier etc. the winters are horrible and in the summer tourists are everywhere. real estate is too expensive for anyone to have a nice house. all the land not protected by federal government is being gobbled up by rich people from far away who want to live "out in the boonies". cape cod has conservative strongholds like chatham in the south ("a quaint drinking town with a fishing problem") and liberal strongholds like provincetown, mecca for artists and homosexuals, in the north. primarily white, but recently there's been an influx of brazilians. the predominant subculture is punk, since we're all so angry at our lives but can't do anything about it. people who leave tend to stay gone. local slang includes "wicked" meaning extremely, "pisser" meaning awesome, and "wash-ashore" for someone whose family hasn't lived on cape cod for more than, say, 50 years or so...
tourist: cape cod is so beautiful and peaceful!
local: *gags*

"cape cod specialties: clam chowdah, lobstah rolls and fried clams!"
by cape codder February 12, 2005
Our little piece of heaven on earth.
sand, sea, sun, what more could you want? and its still all there in the winter even if the temperature drops.
by a cape girl May 03, 2005
Winters armpit
The summer one cape cod is bumpin, but the winters are suckmonkey
by Ewizzle October 15, 2003
a slightly-girly drink with vodka and cranberry juice.
my asian girlfriend had one cape cod and she is GONE.
by anokaba August 17, 2006
In the summer, could be regarded as one of the awesomest places in the world. The winter is hell, but after the storms, it is very quiet and beautiful. Known for its small-town character and charm. No cobblestone streets to be found here, since they are completely out of place. But there is nothing to do in the winter, since most of the businesses cater only to tourists. Take Provincetown, for example. During the summer, the daytime population swells to nearly 80,000, but in the winter, the entire town is boarded up and not a soul can be found on Commercial Street, the "bustling" main artery of the town. The unemployment is above national average because the only jobs left are those catering to tourists or the likes of the tourist season. But it still is awesome.
dude, cape cod is the shit year round, even though there's nothing to do for most of it.
by excaper December 31, 2010
A foul, fish-like, smelly penis that comes from not washing or properly maintaining your Cack. Usually affects people from the East Coast that live on the West Coast.
Shawn: Man that broad wouldn't go down on me!
Henry: I know she told me you had a Cape Cod.
by W.B. Eliis June 20, 2011
best place in the world with the best people, beaches, places to eat, and everything :D Cape Cod is the best
my girls, the best in this whole world!!

Nauset Beach = <33333333

Java Journey is love too!
by a cape lover May 11, 2005
My favorite place in the world. The winters are pretty bad, but they makes summer even better. The beaches are beautiful, the towns are beautiful everything is great. I even love the tourists, although I could do without the traffic. A lot of the people here are really nice, not all snobs like some expect. Cape Cod is a wicked awesome place to live!
If you live here and don't appreciate it, you're crazy!
by CaperCod June 24, 2005

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