An attractive female much younger than yourself.
Person One: "Yo yo, did you see that cape just walk by?"
Person Two: "Dude, that girl is like 15!"
by Oh Burrell August 12, 2009
a shorty that would be for your own, but she would be looking at your homie
yo son, you shorty is no good, she is a cape
by QnsMostWanted November 17, 2003
where you cant escape. get fucked up at high rates.
Where the hardcore mutha fuckas live.. place in Naptown where dope is everywhere biatch. CAPE 4 LIFE
by Cheddar October 09, 2003
the act of having sex with someone, whether it's with your someone you don't know or someone your dating.
Man, guess what. I got the cape from the girl down the street.
by LaShonya November 28, 2003
Cape Saint Claire. A Neighborhood in Annapolis MD, where dozens of little white boys try their hardest to be black. They wish they lived in Baltimore, although don't have any real idea of what it would be like. Some carry guns thinking they are cool. Some do Coke. Most of all they are all Wiggers. Little wannabe Niggers.
Yo Dawg, lets get fucked up with a bunch of wannabe hood rats in Cape.
by Blaza August 15, 2005
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