To get a flyer
Leave early
Do nothing
Claim 10 hours
"The canning is on"
by Hammy1 February 15, 2012
Top Definition
tagging up a wall, graffiti.
spend my days canning walls and sidewalks bitch
by Angelacia June 21, 2007
That night when everyone has their garbage out at the end of their drive-way to be picked up in the morning and some jack-ass goes and knocks over every trash can on one street or more.
neighbor 1: Dude, what happened to the garbage cans on our street?

neighbor 2: It's the new rage, called canning. Looks like they hit up our street quite well.
by Your local canner August 01, 2011
The process of tying two cans (typically empty coffee cans) on either ends of a 50 foot long string, Then positioning two people, hidden on either side of a deserted road, the waiting for a car to drive by. When the car is about to cross the string, raise it up so the car catches the string in its suspension/bumper, and drags the cans along the road, creating sparks and noise. Proceed to run and hope it wasn't a cop that you canned.
We went canning last night, and we totally nailed a cop; he slammed on his brakes, and we had to book it out of there!
by billag16 October 27, 2010
To walk around with crushed drinks cans on one's feet. This is achieved by laying an empty can on its side and treading on its centre so that it wraps around the foot.

More specifically (and often with a suffixed "it"), the word can be used to refer to travelling down skate ramps, half pipes etc using one's cans, as the smooth metal footwear provides an ideal surface for fast passage.
I got this massive scrape up my arm from going arse over tit while canning it in the skate park wrecked last night.
by lyserge May 29, 2010
The timeless art of hurling a partially or fully loaded recycling or refuse container into an object of a mail-box nature at a high rate of speed.
Dude, we went canning the other night and took out a concrete mail-box.
by johnny got his gun June 16, 2005
A form of hazing that involves throwing a lower classman into a garbage can to amuse Seniors and Juniors.
A group of Seniors finds a Freshman and picks him off his feet. They then precede to take said Freshman and throw him in the trash can, thus "canning" him. Generally this is accompanied by shouts of protest from the victim and laughter by everyone else.

Occasionally said hazing can result in a fist fight.

Origin: Terra Linda High School, Marin County.
by TLcruelty December 29, 2009
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