A death metal band from buffalo NY that have some of the most fucked up lyrics ever. There lyrics are so bad that they are banned in some countries. Even there artwork is gross, but they aren't bad, there just for people with a certain taste in music. They also made a cameo in Ace Ventura, and they inspired the band Cannibis Corpse, which have lyrics that talk about weed, but in a Cannibal Corpse style
Here are some Cannibal Corpse song titles:
Fucked with a knife
Post-mortal ejaculation
I cum blood
Hammer smashed face
Entrails ripped out of a virgin's cunt
Meat hook sodomy
Orgasm through torture
Edible autopsy
Innards decay...you get the idea
by Raw Faith December 16, 2009
my boyfriends cousin is in this band. they are fucking awesome
cannibal corpse kicks ass
by KC March 18, 2005
I'm not into them for the fucking lyrics, you retards. The music is amazing.
Cannibal Corpse is excellent (especially compared to extremely homo-erotic Dream Theater).
by Yeah December 02, 2004
the best death metal out there next to behemoth. destroys emo shit. destroys rap. lyrics in clude i cum blood, fucked with a knife. awesome insane brutal perverted awesome death metal. beats my chemical romance with a baseballbat
Emo Kid: "im going to cry about problems i dont have"
Cannibal Corpse: "you fucking emo crybaby fucktard, go fuck a buttwagon, you shitpot!"
Emo Kid "i hate you, im going to slap you,that will get you, aha"
Cannibal Corpse " im going to tie you to a chair with your intestines and tear the entrails from your cunt and eat them, then rape you"
Emo Kid "wawawawawawaw"
by buttwagoneater September 24, 2007
don't listen to guys like "sven" and "larstait" who are gay buttfuckers with their stupid fucking opinions about
how bad cannibal corpse are.fuck those guys cannibal corpse and there lyrics fucking rule!!!!

despite people like "sven" and "larstait"'s dumb opinions cannibal corpse remains one of the greatest and most influential deathmetal bands around

by dw August 11, 2004
a really awesome band. pay no attention to lame motherfuckers like "larstait" and "sven" they are just haters. CANNIBAL CORPSE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the best death metal band around
by jj August 11, 2004
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