A person who only eats canned foods.
"Honey, pizza sound good?"
"Sweetheart, you know I am canivorous. Let's pop open a can of beans instead."
by steve freund September 21, 2007
Top Definition
Someone who's diet consists of cannabis and cannabis containing foods.
"Jesus man, you eat meat? That's wrong"
'Nah, this is a cannaburger.'
"What the fuck is a cannaburger?"
'It's made entirely out of cannabis, kinda like a soy burger.'
"So you made a burger made entirely of weed?"
'Well it can be made of any cannabis products. I'm canivorous.'
"That burger, is entirely weed?"
'Yeah man...sure...but I'm canivorous.'
"Jesus Christ... Hey man, I'm.. ah, hungry, mind if I --"
by Kieran King October 05, 2007
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