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Noun: the combination of LSD and Ecstacy
Verb: to take such a combination
Ex1: What's that in my coffee? -- A candy flip!
Ex2: Man I was candy flipping so hard I didn't know my own name.
by doktorfunk September 06, 2005
422 71
To candyflip, a verb. The original Manchester term used for eating E and LSD at the same time, referencing the candy "e" giving you sweet feelings and the LSD *flipping your punk ass out!*
When we went to those raves back in '90 and '91, a lot of people were candyflipping. The music was really fun to dance to and there weren't all these candy ravers and etards then.
by KDawg July 11, 2004
322 120
Practice popular at raves of taking ecstasty and LSD simultaneously. (A British band, Candy Flip, popular in the 1990s, was named after this practice).
It looks like EVERYONE here, except the cops at the doorway handing out water, did a candy flip.
by Bill Peters November 09, 2006
131 42
1. v. To get high on both LSD and Ecstasy together
2. n. A trip induced by combining LSD and Ecstasy:
1.: "Hey Sid, are we still gonna candyflip tonight?"
2. "That was an awesome candyflip last night."
by callinghome November 01, 2004
137 54
v. to take acid and ecstasy back-to-back.
Everything's so intense and I haven't slept for two days. My friend and I candyflipped.
by Hally November 08, 2004
98 41
To consume MDMA (ecstasy) and LSD together. Pretty much guaranteeing a good trip.
'--Last night i candyflipped at the rave. it was so intense!"
-"Does that mean you ate fungus?"
--"no, not hippyflipping, candy flipping. moron."
by jingzzy January 08, 2010
50 32
When a person mixes LSD and E.
"Dude, the show was tight but I don't really know for sure, I was candy flippin'."
by Bojangles January 11, 2005
14 6