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v. to take acid and ecstasy back-to-back.
Everything's so intense and I haven't slept for two days. My friend and I candyflipped.
by Hally November 08, 2004
The feeling you have after tripping hard for eight hours. You're way past your peak and it's not really fun anymore. Nothing looks particularly cool and you have nothing interesting to say. You would like to sleep but cannot. You have a case of the now-whats.
That blotter was awesome, but now I have a wicked case of the now-whats. Should we candy-flip?
by Hally November 08, 2004
n. A useless person; a waste of space.

Like plastic gnomes and flamingoes on people's yards.
What a fucking idiot. That yardbird can't even make toast.
by Hally November 09, 2004
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