The correct definition of a candy cane is, when a female is eaten out whilst she is on her period and she preforms oral sex to the male, they both keep eachothers fluids in their mouths , then make out...hence creating a candy cane
gurl-yo bob lets make a candy cane

bob-ay yo u dirty freak
by TamilSoul October 09, 2006
A great Blow Job! Or a guys Penis. A product exists called CandyCaneO or "Candy Cane O" a pill that lends to better hotter sex, and it works. She is going to Candy Cane him and he is going to have a Orgasm or "O". Girls use this product to deep throat a guy. (I think guys can use it on girls too.)
She wanted to suck on his Candy Cane.
You can have my Candy Cane anytime, not just on Christmas. ha!
She used CandyCaneO to deep throat and get him off.
His candy cane is big.

She used CandyCaneO to deep throat his Candy Cane. She wants his Candy Cane.
by SexyTime1 August 14, 2010
When you splooge on a chicks face, then punch her in the fuckin nose so it bleeds.
I candy caned that bitch!
by Pappy July 13, 2004

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