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It is a double anal penetration with the two penises wrapped around each other, like the stripes on a candy cane. There are two types of candy caning: natural candy-caning and unnatural candy canding. Natural occurs when you double-penetrate her ass, and if her ass is tight enough, spinning her around naturally forms the candy cane. Unnatural candy caning occurs when you actually have to physically intertwine the penises.
Wow! We really gave that bitch a candy caning. Would you like to get candy caned?
by Drunken Disorderly Dave October 25, 2011
48 132
When a male slaps his erect penis on the face of a sleeping male friend. He will often shout, "Candy cane, bitch!" to wake up the victim.
Frank was so pissed when George candy caned him with his morning wood.
by Stankie Steve March 24, 2011
62 208
When a man sucks the mestural blood out of a womans vagina and the women gives the man head and he blows in her mouth then they make out and then the women gargles all of the cum and blood mix.
ME and edna ate a candy cane last night only week we could this month.
by ironsoul5 July 17, 2008
109 275
When you fuck a girl while on her period. Red of the menstral fluid combines with male ejaculate, hence "candy cane!"
I love making candy canes with my girlfriend. The bring back all my yull-tide pleastures, anytime of the year.
by Davey Cockit August 27, 2003
165 357
the act of getting a hand-job on Christmas or Christmas Eve.
My girlfriend gave me a Candy Cane as my Christmas present last night.
by Deuce Gordon December 04, 2010
32 226
The old censor for the word 'shit' at the ZeldaPower forums. Has been replaced by poop].
Holy candy cane, that Flash movie is so awesome!
by Rebecca Lyall April 15, 2005
34 233
The act of engaging in coitus with a female during her menstrual period, then pulling out and emptying your nuts into her mouth. The mixture of rotten uterine matter, blood and semen can be said to resemble that of a delicious Candy Cane… OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.
So he was almost done, blood all over his junk, and said "Where do you want it?" …then she just opened her mouth! Bitch wanted a candy cane!
by DBZ138 November 03, 2010
36 244