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Sugar filled snacks that taste sooo good. Open the wrapper, take a bite, you're in heaven.
by hoagly January 15, 2011
A girl thats half sweet, half nuts.
Its cool that she makes me pancakes, but does she have to deliver them to me at 5am?
by macLinton August 29, 2005
a Shit Covered Dick.
When you are having anal sex and you are going to cum and you pull out your shit covered dick and put in their mouth. They suck you off the rest of the way eating the the shit and cum.
"Last night I fed her the candybar"
"It was so dark she didn't even realize she was gonna eat the candy bar"
by Phucker January 14, 2007
A phrase Mark used during a short term of school!
Was so famous that it was recorded once.
Say it! Say it!
I'm not your Puppet.
by Mark Jackson. January 18, 2009
To give a person head (suck on their penis) while the person operates an automobile.
Samantha gave Bobby a candybar on the way to school.
by <>< thefishkid November 14, 2006
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