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A delicious, sugary object that tastes good. Your mother never lets you eat it in the morning, before lunch, never if you don't eat a good lunch, before supper, and NEVER before bed. Yet somehow American children eat several tons (2,000 pounds multiplied several times) of it each year.
Jimmy: I totally wanna lick that lollipop... No homo
Jim-Bob: No get your own candy!
by darkshadow29 February 01, 2010
116 66
A fine sweet black chick
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
16 45
making out; french kissing.
"So last night, did you guys candy?"
"Yes mam."
by hardon May 12, 2006
5 35
marijuana, weed, smoke.
Come on yah, they in the back eatin candy.
Who got some Candy?
by Leihana Williamson June 05, 2006
8 39
A man's genitals.

From "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"
"I don't want my new boyfriend to know about my candy. You know, my tootsie roll."
by The Grammar Nazi November 11, 2002
12 45
Male genitals.
"Do you want me to unwrap my candy for you?"
by Megan Redhead November 11, 2002
9 43
a word used for pot a.k.a weed!!!the best drug ever!!!
i got some candy for tonight!!!!!
by whitney September 27, 2003
6 42
by JUAN October 19, 2003
3 46