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A political candidate whose positions on the issues and qualifications are likely to be overshadowed by their Jewish heritage.
"some in the media feel that Mayor Michael Bloomberg's personal wealth could overcome his image as a short... Jewish... effete... Jewish... Bachelor... Jewish... Presidential.... Candijew."
by TooFolkGR June 21, 2007
According to Jon Stewart, a potential Presidential Candidate who is also Jewish. (aired June 2007)
1) Mike Bloomberg

2) "I really wish Jon Stewart would become a Candi-jew in the 2008 Presidential election!"
by Lizzybeth June 25, 2007
A candidate for some position (i.e. President) that is also a Jew.
Mayor Bloomberg is considering being a candijew for president.
by Lexfor June 21, 2007
A Jewish political candidate. Esp. for president.
Michael Bloomberg is a possible candijew for president in 2008.
by Enits June 20, 2007
A jewish political figure running for president.
"Mike Bloomberg could overcome his image as a...jewish bachelor jewish presidential Candijew." - Jon Stewart
by MrPink007 June 21, 2007
A political candidate who is particularly Jewish.
Joe Liberman

"Candijew is a word, go look it up."
-Jon Stewart
by MattF89 June 20, 2007
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