1. A disease that some humans contract. The few of them are breast, prostate or lung cancer.

2. Astrological sign for those born between June 21- July 23.
1. Billy's mother told him to stop smoking but being the usual stubborn bastard he is, he would not listen to her. Years later, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

2. Us Cancer people is known to be very intuitive.
by ??? June 12, 2003
Dude, I have cancer.
Well you're fucked.
#cancer #fucked #dude #well #lol
by for da lulz May 17, 2010
A vicious person who is extremely negative and adversely affects the mood and demoralizes those around him/her. He/she cannot be fixed or changed and needs to be cut out of the system, or the pathetic nature of the person will spread like wildfire and create an everlasting hostile environment.
The director of international relations is cancer and needs to be canned. He whines like a baby, sabotages other's projects, and is flat-out an ingrate.
#idiot #virus #moron #loser #puke #vermon #back-stabber
by Willy Bee November 02, 2007
When a female is nothing but bad for you and your soul, your only choice is to cut her out and heal the wound before she consumes you and eats away at your goodness!
Dude Johnny get away from her she is cancer to your soul.
by Johnnyg724 May 13, 2016
a disease that already has a cure, but has not been released, and probably never will be due to the fact that the government are a bunch of stuck up ass wholes and are getting entirely too much money to stop now. This is also a form of population controll ,that could be purposely diagnosed to unfortunate babies at birth
Government: OMG! check out all this money were getting!! OH LOOK OVER THERE, so much population, set out the cancer again !
#cancer #breast #government controll #disease #aids
by bigman manley man April 08, 2006
Often used on the internet, cancer is a term given to anything shitty or annoying. The word "Aids" is also used in the same fashion, but doesn't have the same effect. Usually the word "fucking" comes before it in most uses.
-People with fucking minecraft bookbags are cancer.
-I hate golf, it's absolute fucking cancer.
-No, of course not, that's fucking cancer.
#cancer #disease #aids #ashton kutcher #everyone who plays minecraft
by can sir August 13, 2015
who the hell looks up cancer in the urban dictionary?
Guy 1: Hey, what are you doing?
Guy 2: Oh, just looking up cancer on Urban Dictionary.
Guy 1: What the hell is wrong with you?
#cancer #disease #humor #urban dictionary #death
by loweezy December 15, 2014
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