Probably the funnest game you will ever play:

It involves a group of people, and a number of small circles of thick rope.
everyone moves into a circle formation, connected by holding the rope rings in each hand. One or more upside down basic plastic trash cans are placed in the center of the circle (number depending on the number of people).
On go, the goal is to try and pull and or push people into the trash cans, often violently. If you touch the trash can in any way, or let go of your rope you are out. Yanking is often banned. Play continues and the last one standing is the winner. A team version can be played, with teammates alternating in the circle.

It's a totally fun game of strength and skill, and also probably the best exercise you'll get all week. People will do some crazy moves including all manner of smackdowns into the cans. Blisters are common.
"let's play can-can"
by Straitblade January 29, 2008
Top Definition
Lying nude on your back and lifting your two legs and spreading them as wide as you can, so you are showing your balls and your asshole to surprise people walking by.
Damnit! Benjamin just showed me the can-can.
by Keefer St. Aubin October 31, 2007
parisian burlesque dance ( with pasties )
tra la da boom de yah, can you do the can can hootchie moma!

there is a place in france where the women wear no pants.
by itichie_nocanpo July 02, 2006
A style of chorus line dance that has its origins in the Montparnasse area of Paris in the 1830s. Most popularly depicted as a chorus line of beautiful women in frilly, suggestive costume circa 1890 doing impossibly high kicks in unison, in addition to moves like the ronde de jambe and flirtatious manipulation of the skirt. This latter is particularly true at the end of the number, when the cancan dancers generally turn their backs to the audience and lean forward, lifting up their skirts to reveal their bloomers.
Though several musical pieces have been written for the cancan, the most quintessential and famous piece is the "Galop Infernal" from the operetta "Orpheus in the Underworld."

You know:

Daah, da-da diddle da-da, da-da diddle da-da, da-da diddle da, dadadadadadada daah, da-da diddle da-da, da-da diddle da-da, da-da diddle da, da-diddle-da!
by Shreve Lamb and Harmon June 22, 2005
As in the CanCan Girl. The original dirty dancer, the ones who drove the frenchmen wild. Thanks to glasnost, Russians can now watch cancan girls on their colour tv's.
She's a cancan girl. The way she talks, move, flirts, everything about her thinks you should be in Vegas playing the slots with her.
by e_hutto March 10, 2003
The act of anal sex in a restroom. Putting it in her can, while in THE can.
Last night at the restaurant, we slipped into the bathroom and I gave her the can can.
by PGF March 03, 2007
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