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The ailment that afflicts all those who should really be doing something productive but instead end up procrastinating or doing something which requires little or no effort what so ever.
I was going to look for a job but i was suffering from can't be arsed syndrome and ended up watching crap TV all day.
by Martyn Hinchey June 11, 2008
Suffering from can't be arsed syndrome means you can't be arsed to do anything. A general lack of motivation to do basic tasks. Taking it easy. Avoiding heavy work. Finding day to day tasks cumbersome. Used in an specific instance as an out of the ordinary day for someone who is usually hard working.
dude 1: I am suffering from can't be arsed syndrome today.

dude 2: Why? What's up?

dude 1: I just have no motivation.

dude 2: Are you tired?

dude 1: Not really. I just can't be arsed today.

dude 2: I know what you mean.
by mynameispaulie October 11, 2010

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