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phrase, he/she "can get it"..........they look sooo good that u can see urself having sex with them
male1," hey, u seen the new girl at school???"
male2," yea man! she can get it! lol"
by Vonni August 19, 2007
phrase women use when they dont want to be bothered with their boyfriends, husbands, or male friends
female 1," so ur man coming over tonite or what girl???"
female 2," child plz he is such a male-bother and i dont have time for him right now lol!!!!"
by Vonni August 19, 2007
a person who smokes cigarettes that are dipped in a substances to get high.........term mostly used in DC
Micheal," Did you know that Kevin is a dippa head?"
Tyrone, "Yea,he has been smoking for awhile"
by Vonni August 19, 2007
a female who likes to go from male to male. i.e. rolla, boppa

Kieshe." I seen Tiffany yesterday with a new dude"
Tammy," Yea girl!,.....You know shes a slida" lol
by Vonni August 19, 2007
a phrase used when u want to have a quickie with ur boyfriend or girlfriend
male 1," wat u doing tonite cuz!?"
male 2," im calling up my girl for some slide-thru tonite!"
by Vonni August 19, 2007
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