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A bitch that one would find at camp. A woman that will do anything within the confines of a camper or tent. A woman with whom you can rock the camper.
I'll be in the camper with some camp bitches. Bring on the Camp Bitches!
by Jon H April 13, 2004
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At a hunting camp or similar gathering, the Camp Bitch is the unfortunate soul, usually the youngest in attendance, who is charged with all the mundane tasks of the camp for the rest of the group. Said activites include (but aren't limited to) washing dishes, preparing lunches, fetching beers and firewood, emptying mousetraps, sweeping and otherwise keeping their elders content. In politically-correct camps, they are referred to as Camp Person.
Someone tell the Camp Bitch to get me a beer when he's done making my lunch!
#gofer #bitch #wench #whore #campbitch
by irongoose121 December 01, 2011
Girls that one would take a motorhome or another kind of recreational vehicle (or tent), and preceed to have sex with them.
We have beer and Camp Bitches, we're set for tonight.
by Matt Y. April 12, 2004
When you take a girl(s) to an RV and then proceed to fuck them. Also see CB
Let's go to the RV with some Camp Bitches.
by Mike L April 12, 2004
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