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Camoflauge Bike shorts with lace at the bottom. typically really tight and rides up your cooter...derived from the term "camel toe". camoXtoe are usually worn under your everyday attire, or club gear...until you get so drunk that you feel the need to remove your pants and parade around downtown like the asshole that you are, wearing just heels, a halter top (preferably) and your camoXtoe. In order to pull this off properly, you must scream obsenities at every person in sight, climb whatever is around that you can hoist your large ass up on, gash your best friends asshole open with foreign objects and just be really belligerant in general.
"aaaaaahhhhhhhhh, you motherfucking skank ass whore, get your fucking fist out of my ass...youre ripping a hole in my camoXtoe"
by Trashley Suzanne February 22, 2007
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