timeless beuty
i love you, you know me, im right in front of your face. i am every where and i am know where

by D December 04, 2003
Top Definition
The most beautiful girl in my high school
Cammie, you are so beautiful.
by Mr. Anonymous December 29, 2004
one of the prettiest girls u'll ever meet, great personality and rides dirtbikes better than the guys. she has a gorgeous smile with amazing blue eyes. everybody loves her and can soften even the hardest hearts. she's beautiful, she's gnarly she's just simply Cammie
dirtbike goddess with the name cammie
by peaches aka dudeson shagwell June 14, 2010
A beautiful girl with big brown eyes. She has long brown hair and is tan year round. She has the body of a goddess and everyone loves her. She's always single, always looking for the right one. You meet her once, and you fall for her. Her smile will lighten up your day, and her laugh is whole and real. She is truly something amazing.
Cammie, you're amazing. Just perfect.
by 1way2say3words4you May 28, 2011
Is beautiful and blue eyed with blonde waves for hair . She is just simply amazing. Has many friends that are cool and fun to hang ort with. And is hilarious. Also is bipolar sometimes. She is very tall!! She can defend people including herself, so watch your back. But on the bright side you will find her very interesting!!
Cammie is amazing.
by ORIGINAL GANGSTAA November 27, 2014
A Cammie is a true Southern Belle that can also get her hands a little dirty if need be. She might like kind of a bitch but is a genuinely nice person. Cammies often have an edgier side but it doesnt normally come out because they're so used to being country girls! Often Cammies are boycrazy and flirt, touch, and hump the legs of every male they come in contact with. They love giving dome and sucking their boyfriends shwanson. Normally have a sporty boyfriend with big, polak schwansons that all their friends are jealous of.
ex. Cammie is a debutante and a rodeo clown
by Kusht November 18, 2013
Usually accused of being a lesbian. Will hide it, but truly is a homosexual. Loves her Girlfrenn' and loves Hushell. Synonym:Dyke
That girl is such a Cammie!
by ONDY June 12, 2008
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