The BIGGEST whorebag that you will EVER meet. Seems nice at first, but very insincere. You can never trust a Camila. They like to be obnoxious, attention-obsessed, and are often more disliked than liked by the way that they think people actually like them. Camilas will try to steal others friends until they notice how awful Camilas are, which usually results in the fact that these types of people have very few and unpleasent friends which tend to act like them after some time. The Earth needs much less Camilas. Also almost never attractive, but convinced that they are.
Girl One- "I can't stand Ashley lately! She's acting really slutty and rude!"
Girl Two- "Oh, I know! She's being a real Camila."
by AngelCat1997 January 22, 2012
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the most amazing person that you'll ever meet. Never let her go because she will leave an empty space in your life. fun to be around and great in bed. loves to do weird positions and has a great personality over all
Me: I can't stop thinking of camila, she's just so amazing.
by anonymoustoall January 28, 2009
The most beautiful and fashionable person, ever you will fall in love with her the moment you see her, she is beautiful in the inside and out. Camila always brings what's best in people and joy , She always stands out in the crowd she is very Talented and beautiful. You will never forget Camila because of her beauty and because of her kindness!!!!! And thats why many people are jealous of her!!!!! Nobody will ever be compared to Camila
I think I have fallen in love with Camila!!!!!!

Camila, is such a great friend anyone is lucky to have her as her best friend!!!!!

Camila has left me breathless
by dreamangelsheavenly February 06, 2010
The hottest, sexiest, cutest, coolest, nicest, sweetest person.
Yo man, honestly, I wish my girl was Camila
by liltuneche November 18, 2010
Most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. she is sweet and kind and will never let you down. she si unfogetable, once you fall for her you'll never forget her. green-eyed latinabeauty, awesome good in bed, sexy as hell!
Ouch, that sexybitch is called Camila!
by Samk31 September 07, 2010
The most beautiful girl ever. She has gorgeous eyes and long eyelashes that are just perfect. She is always happy and never gets sad at all and can make anyone smile at all times. A Camila will be really nice, and she is the best friend you could possibly have. She is funny, and all the bous like her and all the girls are jeaulous of her.
That new girl is so nice, she is such a Camila.

I wish my best friend was Camila.

That girl is so hot, I wish she was my girlfriend. Oh yeah, thats Camila.
by Marley123 March 01, 2014
A girl who is so beautiful you will fall in love with. Shes so sweet to everyone and she's hot asf. Never let her go because she will be your true love. She's your baby girl so always call her that. She will become a model so watch out for the guys! you may miss her even after y'all break up cuz she's that awesome. she's just amazing every guy wants her so bad. once you break up with her you will downgrade because no one is prettier than her.
Wow Justins so lucky to have Camila. Why did I break up with her?

I saw Kate she's hot, but nothing compared to Camila! She's hot asf.
by puppybiebah June 15, 2016
This bitch crazy af
Yo thts camila, that crazy af bitch

Ya it is! She crazy af!
by Bruhchillthisligit November 24, 2015
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