1. an apparatus used to take photographs by the admittance of light rays through an aperture. Often using a lens to focus the rays onto a film of light-responsive chemicals.

2. Dutch slang for cool.
1. There's a nice bird, I'd like to remember what that looks like forever. I think I'll take a photomegraph with my camera.

2. Wow man, thet bord ish sho camera...
by TheIan October 23, 2003
Any thing usable to capture an image for future viewing.
(i bet no one knows this)

The computer has a screen shot camera
press print scrn, open paint, press ctrl+v.
by green poo June 29, 2009
takes pictures and has a flash
i have a camera and it takes pictures and has a flash
by SemaforoRAV July 10, 2006
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