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Fox News Channel.
It's called Fox Snooze cuz their anchors are asleep at the wheel.
by Scalcar March 09, 2009
When somebody has a sick sports car, but the dude driving it is as ugly as fuck, so he tints the windows so still he gets all the female attention.
Girl 1: Oooo look at that hott 350Z driving by!

Girl 2: (as he gets closer) Uuuhh! But look at the guy driving it!

Girl 1: Uuuh yeah your right, he needs to get tinted windows, that's for sure!
by Scalcar April 25, 2009
Something you take to parties to record events, so you can find out what happened the next day.
We knew it was gonna be a very liquid night at 58 so we had Catelyn bring the camera.
by Scalcar June 06, 2009
Extreme fail, usually said after something you strongly disapprove of.
I was so pumped to go to the party on Saturday, but Heather wasn't even there. Fail whale!
by Scalcar June 06, 2009
When somebody puts 22 inch rims on their ghettomobile and the tires have to be as thin as rubberbands to fit inside the wheelwell.

Made to look extremely high performance, but really it doesn't help AT ALL and hit one pothole and you got a huge gash in your wheel.
Look, that idiot put 22 inch wheels on his dodge avenger and had to use rubberband tires to go along with it....
by Scalcar April 25, 2009
When your memory of a party derives from photographs of the event rather than the event itself, because you were too fucking drunk to remember any of it.
Yeeeah, well I don't really remember any of Friday night, but I saw all the pictures, so I do have a really good photographic memory!
by Scalcar June 06, 2009

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