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Another term for moose knuckle. The male form of the camel toe. When a guys package is wrapped up so tight you can tell his religion.
Check out the camel nose on that guy in the spandex shorts!
by iilgemini August 21, 2007
32 16
The male version of 'Camel toes'.

'Camel nose' refers to the outline of a human male's penis and scrotum, as seen through tightly fitting clothes. Camel nose commonly occurs as a result of wearing tight fitting clothes, such as jeans, shorts, sweat pants etc...Due to a combination of anatomical factors and the snugness of the fabric, the crotch bulge may take on a resemblance to the nose of a camel.
If I pull my pants up any higher everyone is going to see my camel nose!
by Chez Moi November 22, 2010
4 3
A male version of a cameltoe.
That man has a nasty camelnose
by Mr. clean August 07, 2004
8 8