When a woman has feminine debris left over in her frontal vagina fold. The debris could be load chunk due to dirty beave, dried blood, or a flaky skin discharge associated with skin problems/rash.
Damn I went down on this girl and she had so much camel toe jam that I had to floss my mouth 4 times after she left.

Damn girl, I aint gonna eat that, go clean that jam out of your camel toe, bitch.
by Friedolays November 04, 2009
Top Definition
left over jizz from the night before
check out the wet patch on that camel toe must have had its fill from the night before
by Mark July 31, 2004
the sticky old bits and pieces at the end of a womens period and stinks like an old rusty coin.
oh dear i've got camel toe jam again...
by Goldos February 21, 2008
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