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This is the worst kind of shit. It comes from a native and is usually found in public places. An indian will shit about anywhere, even in your laundry room, and then you have to clean it up. The smell the environment surrounding an indian shit will be stained forever. It will never really go away completely.
That fucking indian shit on my floor.

Indian shit is fucking sick.
by Friedolays November 04, 2009
This is a referral to something really nasty, the term "box of smashed assholes" is usually followed by a numerical value, such as "a thousand"
My fart smelled like a box of a thousand smashed assholes.

What the fuck, this beer tastes like a box of a hundred smashed assholes.

This indian smelled like a box of smashed assholes. He was drunk and high too. And tried to borrow a dollar.
by Friedolays November 04, 2009
When a woman has feminine debris left over in her frontal vagina fold. The debris could be load chunk due to dirty beave, dried blood, or a flaky skin discharge associated with skin problems/rash.
Damn I went down on this girl and she had so much camel toe jam that I had to floss my mouth 4 times after she left.

Damn girl, I aint gonna eat that, go clean that jam out of your camel toe, bitch.
by Friedolays November 04, 2009
An author can be a writer or creator of anything in which "author" is followed by. It can be used as a dis or a positive comment.
That guy over there, hes the author of douche.

DAMN you see that chick, shes the author of huge tits.

Yo G, I'm the author of crack slang'n.
by Friedolays November 08, 2009
A person who has no opinion for their selves and will follow ideas with out any real logic. They usually believe in taking peoples money away that they worked for, and redistributing it to bums and minorities who dont want to work. Extremely hypocritical and selfish to the needs of honest people. Believes in nothing more than to destroy the American Constitution and will stop at nothing to make socialistic and communistic laws implemented into our society. A cross between a liberal, and a retard.
Damn, that nancy pelowsi. What a libtard.

obama is Communist, but firstly a libtard.
by Friedolays January 24, 2010
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