when the pussy lips resemble old pieces of roast beef, and are clearly visible through a thick pair of pants.
shes got old pastrami lips in her pants.
by snoop a loop September 28, 2003
the definition through ones underclothes or tight feeting pants, of the lips of the laboria majora, and sometimes laboria minora usually associated with ferals or hotties.
See that hottie ...baby brings water to my eyes with the camel toe view
by g-al-ill August 07, 2003
Also known as camels hoof
by ming April 23, 2003
when a females pants are so high you can see the chape of a camel's toe in the crotch region
by jew doctor January 27, 2003
when a girls vagina is able to be seen through her pants
I can see your cameltoe, of you know what I mean
by Jamal Booker May 08, 2008
Also known as "Moose Knuckles".
My gosh Sally....I really like what you've done with your Moose Knuckles!! They look great!
by The Hunter May 27, 2004
When the majestical sidewalls of the vagina pertrude to form a nice outline, cause by some sort of clothing rising up in there.
I stared at the camel toe and it seemed to wave at me.
by maybenot September 03, 2003

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