commonly used for visible vagina lines through tight pants but can also be used as an adjective for a person who acts like a cool gangsta of some sorts but on the inside is really a pussy.
Zion is a cameltoe; he acts like he's so gangsta but when it comes down to the real crap he wusses out!
by Thatkiduknow March 12, 2009
when a girls lips droop over her panties; commonly reffered to as "toe"
Marty:"I like nice loose camel toes"
Trav:"did u see Stephs toe"
Iain:"Ya it was sweet"
by trav-iain November 18, 2005
frontal wedgie
you can see the lips moving but you can't figure out what they're saying
by Alex March 02, 2004
when a girl's pussy looks like a "V" with a line down the middle looking like a camel's toe. (i see about 400 girl's each day here in h-town texas!:-D)
DAAAAAAYUMN!!!! that's a nice camel toe!
by :3 October 07, 2006
A shot consisting of 1 part Baileys Irish Cream and 1 part Cointreau. Original recipe developed by Fav.
Bartender: Hey Mac, the usual?
Fav: No make me a Camel Toe...and keep 'em comin' !
Bartender: Rough day?
Fav: Yeah. I got laid off, found out I got the genital warts, my wife is pregnant and to top it off, I am sterile.
Bartender: Next one's on the house.
Fav: Gee, thanks.
Bartender: Always good to see you Fav !
by Fav July 10, 2008
When a woman shaves off her pussy hair cause it's summer time and wants to fit into her bikini but unfortunately she's a big girl with a gynormous pussy and because she shaved the jungle down there, her pussy lips protrude thru the tightly fitted bikini bottom, exposing what looks like...a camel toe.
Goddamn Bret, look at that camel toe at 4 o'clock. That thing could pick up a bowling ball up off the floor!
by Jefferson Ardshark September 12, 2006
when the pussy lips resemble old pieces of roast beef, and are clearly visible through a thick pair of pants.
shes got old pastrami lips in her pants.
by snoop a loop September 28, 2003
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