An image of a camel's hoof caused by pants which fit so tightly as to expose the labia major through the fabric. While this is a fairly commonly known phenomenon, what most men do NOT know is that a Camel Toe can produce a tiny orgasm when I a woman attempts to walk whilst wearing such tight pants.
"I bought this really tight pair of jeans the other day and when I was walking to the bus, the Camel Toe gave me a cute little orgasm!"
by Urban Dictionary January 10, 2004
When tight spandex hug the labia (better known as the outter lips of your vagina)
Some people are grossed out by camel toes, but they are completely normal and natural. If you seem to be having a camel toe, you might want to try one of the following steps 1) get larger pants 2) pull your shirt down (which might cause you to show breast cleavage which is always a plus, and attracts other sexual beings both straight males and lesbian women) 3) Flaunt it, your vagina is beautiful and everyone should be able to admire the lovely V shape that is going on down there in your pants (when sexual beings see this camel toe, they will think of sex because you will be able to better notice the outer lining of the vagina!!)
Steve: damn that girl had a nice camel toe, I wanted to fuck her when I saw it. She had a pretty nice pussy, I wanna get in that!!!
by Tireshia loves camel toes<3 March 26, 2009
When a woman wears pants that are too tight and the seam goes up her vagina. Like a reversed wedgie.
That girl is sportin' some major camel toe!
by McPound February 24, 2007
Simply put, it's is a pussy wedgie
She has a frontal wedgie, a camel toe!
by Saturn's Problem Child April 16, 2008
Camel toe: when a girls pussy lips are clearly showing through her tight pants, shorts, swimsuit or spandex. When properly shown, it looks like the girl is wearing body paint
When my girl and me go looking for a hookup with another girl, we make sure that our camel toes are the center of attention. If our pussies are wet, it looks like a wet t-shirt contest.
by LisaLisaLisa February 17, 2008
1. When you can see that outline of a girls pussy 'cause her pants are too tight. Espescially gross on middle-aged fat chicks.

2. A song by fanny pack ...bloody hilarious.
Grotchy old ladies in spandex often have camle toes.
by random name June 01, 2005
When a girls panties are so tight that you can see their labia
by Meat-curtain drawer July 01, 2004

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