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when a girl's pussy looks like a "V" with a line down the middle looking like a camel's toe. (i see about 400 girl's each day here in h-town texas!:-D)
DAAAAAAYUMN!!!! that's a nice camel toe!
by :3 October 07, 2006
a cheat used in Forza Motorsport to get 900,000,000 Credits so you can get whatever the fuck you fuckin want!
guy on xbox live1: how do i get 900 million credits?

guy on xbox live2: enter tEAm4za as your name.

guy on xbox live1: gee, thanks nice person!

guy on xbox live2: (sarcastically)sure!...n00b.
by :3 October 07, 2006
a phrase often used to define an idiot, retard, a person who never went to school, a beaner, a dumbass, a dipshit, a fucktard, a dumbfuck, or George W. Bush.
Want to know the definition? just ask George W. Bush.dee dee dee!!!!
by :3 October 07, 2006

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