What is a camel toe ?
camel toe is the tight V shape made by her panties or tight fitting shorts and jeans.
Notice the way it shows off her crotch? Well, that's a CAMEL TOE or cameltoe.
What cause's a camel toe ?
Officially that issue is still open to debate. Some say
camel toe is caused from wearing very tight clothing, or excessive
Intercourse. :-), etc. But really the issue is the labia's them selves
being to long or asymmetrically shaped, and of course tight
clothing is only going too enhance the cameltoes appearance.
Is showing your camel toe a Bad thing?
Of course not. Just as many women have one Breast that is
slightly larger than the other one.
(NOT that were knocking women or anything.)
Personally at camel toe we feel if a woman has a cameltoe.
She should show it off. Because NOW having a camel toe is
a trendy thing. Just as pet rocks and mood rings use to be.
That's a
camel toe or as some say cameltoe.
by Dave September 07, 2003
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When her pants are so tight you can read her lips!
The camel toe on her bikini bottom says, "Fuck me NOW!"
by Toad April 06, 2003
When a woman's pants are so tight, that the actually fabric comes into their beaver, creating the two-mounded image of a camel's toe.
"Oh man, her pants were on so tight, that I could see her camel toe."
by Tim Collier October 25, 2002
When a chick crams herself into a pair of jeans and the crotch area has to displace the fat of her mound and the front of her pussy ends up looking like the actual toe of a camel.
My four year old turned around really fast and ran into this chick's camel toe, when he turned back around he had a hoof print on his forehead
by youpeoplearefuckingstupid June 13, 2004
the appearance of a wedge in a womans genital region resulting from tight fitting clothes
jenny has cameltoe with her new leather pants.
by raul January 16, 2003
A very aesthetically pleasing phenomenon, whereby a woman's venus mound is clearly discernable under the snug fabric of her lower garment. Typically, the fuller the labia, the more pleasing the effect. Tip: since sexual arousal causes increased blood flow to the genital region "toe" may be enhanced if she finds you desirable:)
mmmm...nice fold!
by Isabelle December 02, 2003
Camel Toe: A vaginal wedgie("vedgie"), most commonly caused by tight pants that work their way into the crevices of the vaginia making a shape that clearly resembles a camel's toe
She's got a frontal wedgie, a camel toe!!
by cm June 01, 2003
where a womans pants are so tight, you can read her lips
Is your crotch hungry girl? 'cause it's eating your pants.
by Tyler November 24, 2004

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