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her vagina is eating her pants!
check out that camel toe... buddy sure is hungry
#camel toes #front wedgies #wedgies #wedgie #spandex
by bottlerocket December 15, 2005
home to hipsters & hobos
did you hear about the house show in allston tonight? yeah, <insert band name concerning hand clapping, romantic poets, or punctuation> is playing in <name scenester who is actually an advertisting major>'s basement. it's just past the store 24 and that nail salon. no, the other one. no, the other one.
#alston #boston #bu #neighborhood #boston university
by bottlerocket December 15, 2005
gucci. tweed. diamonds. designer halloween costumes. designer sweatpants. designer camel toes.
I wasn't aware sweatpants that tight existed. I salute you, dolce & gabbana.
by bottlerocket March 12, 2005
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