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When a guys pants are so tight that you can see the outline of his dick. The male equivalent of camel toe.
"Dude, that emo guys pants are so tight, I don't think I have ever seen camel tail that bad!"

"Chicks can kinda see, like the boarders and outline of my dick a little. The camel tail"
by Lusty McLester December 27, 2007
a male version of a cameltoe
damn, his jeans are so tight you can see his cameltail
by ilikesk8tin January 12, 2008
When a mans pants are so tight that his "organ" is forced down one side of his pants and is pressed against his leg for everyone to see.
"I had camel tail when I put on the pants for my Halloween costume of Axel Rose" at Tanja's party.
by Tyler January 16, 2005
A male version of a cameltoe
Addie-"dude you could see Adams penis in that picture"
Britton-"Holy fuck thats a small cameltail"
by efctornado December 31, 2008
The male version of the "Camel Toe"

When a male's clothing or lower apparel are too tight to go un-noticed, making unsightly bulges and or definitions of the "southern region".
Girl 1: "OMG eew, look at how his shorts are riding up!"
Girl 2: "Gross! That's the most massive Camel Tail I've ever seen!

"Steve's new pants hugged his man parts just so, that it almost seemed to give him a Camel Tail."
by buckNtuck May 16, 2009
When a clear outline/bulge of a futanari's penis, erect or otherwise, can be seen from said futanari's pants/undergarments/skirt/etc.
Dude, I was fapping so hard to those cameltail pics on Gelbooru last night.
by herped_your_derp October 12, 2011
When a guy wears his pants to tight and you can see the outline of his penis
Dude, did you see Paul sporting a camel tail today at work? Someone needs to say something!
by Heather RT October 16, 2008

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