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a camel joe is a male version of the camel toe
omg gail jus told me that she seen a dude with a speedo so tight she seen his camel joe
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 04, 2009
What happens when men wear pants that are too tight; a male Camel Toe
That guy's camel joe makes it look like he's smuggling golf balls!
by miss.joe March 04, 2010
Cameljoe (or camel-joe, or camel joe) occurs when a man's trousers/jeans/shorts are fitted too snugly for respectable company, resulting in a splitting of the testicles that is readily apparent through the fabric. This is similar to cameltoe for women, with the exception of two junk-balls being seen.
Person #1: OMGWTFBBQ! Did you see that tranny?

Person #2: Yeah, that's some serious cameljoe going on there!

Person #1: **barf**
by Wear Loose-fitting Clothing June 20, 2008
1. A male sovereign.

2. One that is supreme or preeminent in a particular group, category, or sphere.

a. The perfect, omniscient, omnipotent being; God.
b. camel joe = god
n. Informal

Principal or chief camel joe, as in size or importance.
by joe March 16, 2005

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