to have an unusually large uneven forehead. This is sometimes accompanied by large camel like lips.
thank goddness we don't know that girl, others i'd actually feel bad for making fun of her camel face.
Top Definition
Jay Z
Hey is Joe Camel or Jay Z? I can't tell the diference, maybe they're twins...
by HoneyBee18 July 15, 2003
A Jewish/Middle Eastern girl with a long nose, eyes are close together, and a face like a camel.
Women like Amy Winehouse, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Barbara Streisand all have a camel face.
#face #jewish #middle eastern #appearance #ethnic
by bufordo August 29, 2007
The male cameltoe, so called due to the startlingly camel-face-like relief caused by the trouser-wearer's cock and balls being pressed against the inside of his tight slacks.
Argh, my trousers are so tight! I have a camelface.
#trousers #pants #cameltoe #camel face #penis #cock #balls
by Rymix March 29, 2011
Having a virgin-looking face,

Someone who will never get laid,
Looks like a child.
Carly has a camelface, therefore she will never get laid.

"Hey would u hit that?"
"Naw man, she's got a camelface"
#camelface #camel #face #virgin #baby
by Harry Pottser September 12, 2012
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