Commonly known for the intensity of buying a myriad of shoes, purses, and makeup. Other usages for this word, the overall glutony of materialistic purchases. The word, while sounding like a noun, is actually a verb, it's usage meaning the act of buying excessive amounts of stuff, or even the excessive amount of eating.
Honey, if you keep on Camacho, you will get fat!
Wow, look at that girl Camacho! She's gotta have over 50 purses by now!
by bogotajack November 20, 2010
Top Definition
Sexy man always on the go. Great friend, even better lover.
Everyone wants one.
Girl, I sure wish I had a camacho for a man.
by happygolucky1768 January 02, 2009
Noticeably sweaty armpits. Named after the soccer coach of the Spanish national team during World Cup 2002 who became instantly famous for his record breaking televised sweaty armpits.
Did you came here running? You have some nasty Camacho's.
by Wopper King August 24, 2016
To jump in the middle of a conversation having little or no knowledge of it but thinking you do.
Dude he totally just pulled a Camacho.
by Tony rohr August 02, 2008
A Portuguese last name where the family runs away from cops and usually get caught because they are slow.
Look at Camacho run away....Oh shit nvm he got caught.
by ""Pat McGroin"" September 15, 2008
A bitchy lesbian usually homeless. Sucks dick to earn a few dollars and likes to spends it on crack.
"homes did you see the Camacho suck that dick, dog.
by snuggle with me April 05, 2011
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