When a person waves their arms in a downward motion saying the words "Calm Down"
Josh the founder of "calm down"
Josh: "calm down" ~waves arms~
#josh #calm down #calmdown #down #calm
by RBOUT99 September 10, 2008
Top Definition
What a large number of people that write definitions on this website need to do.
-Insert racist/stereotyping/biggoted/angry definition-

"Calm down, go take a lie down somewhere".
#calm down #racist #stereotype #ignorant #relax
by Cider Scorpion April 01, 2007
The term "calm down" is usually addressed to people who don't need to calm down at all, which makes it more funny.

person 1: heyy, whatsup?
person 2: oh myy goddd calm downn!
person 1: what the fuck? im calm!!
#calm #down #calmdown #chill #olive oil #grandy
by allie amy and lauren April 11, 2008
One of the most infuriating expressions in the English language. Using this expression is guaranteed to make the other person angry if he/she wasn't already.

An invitation to someone to punch you in the face.
"Officer, that man just stole my wallet!"

"Now just calm down...."

(punches cop in face)
#asshole #annoying #infuriating #prick #condescending
by MaxBrowne October 07, 2009
when someone overreacts, calm down is what they need to do
Fisher: OMG give me that
#chill #relax #chillax #clam yourself #relax yourself
by TYPE_PHRESH April 29, 2008
an expression discoverd by a wise man named MISH

resulting in angry freshman
"dude i hate shakira" "calm the fuck down my friend" "serriously calm down"
#calm #down #mish #shakira #balls
by jens clark January 30, 2008
What a person of Jamaican decent says when he is asked to stop standing around with his hands in his pockets and help some customers.
Boss: "Suphel" please stop standing around with your hands in your pockets and help some customers.

"Suphel": Calm down, calm down, no need for the hostility.

Boss: What? I'm not being hostile. I'm telling you to do what I pay you to do.

((a little later))
"Suphel" (in H.R. office): Dat man needs to calm down and stop the picking on me. I do my job.

((next day))
Boss: "Suphel", what did I do to deserve being investigated?

"Suphel": Calm down, calm down. No need for the hostility, mahn.

Boss (exasperated): Fine, do whatever you want. But, so you know, reviews are coming up.

"Suphel": Calm down, calm down....
#lazy #good for nothing #free-loader #speed bump #anchor #anti-productive
by AmericanAndProudOfIt August 06, 2006
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