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Australian Slang for the word "Classic"
Oh man! thats just fucking callis!
by !Yakkib! April 06, 2006
16 7
A beautiful and smart girl who is exceptionally hilarious and very good at doing the robot. Usually the funniest girl in the room. She is very giving and kind, but she will not put up with anyone's bullshit. Don't be a jerk to her or you will become very unpopular and your balls will fall off.
Friend 1: "Oh, that Calli is so clever and funny!"

Friend 2: "I know! She was doing the robot for hours!!!"
by thatdarncat1972 February 07, 2010
184 84
Is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet, she usually very good at the duggie but will be shy about it. any guy would be very lucky to have her and if they do, never let her go. very kind and will anything to make you happy. she is soo funny always gives weird looks to people, and has the ability to make you smile with a glance. her smile is fantastic and her body is terrific, she will most likely have washboard abs and really strong thumbs. great kisser, likes to bite your lip a bit. the best girlfriend a guy could ever have over all wonderful personality.
Guy 1: OMG that girl can duggie and look at those abs ouuuuu, shes a babe.
Guy 2: yeah shes my girlfriend, im so lucky.
Guy 1: shes defiantly a Calli
by forest father ;) June 20, 2011
72 18
Sexiest, funniest, sweetest girl you'll ever meet; who can also be the bitchiest girl on earth. Mess with Calli, lose yo balls.
"Don't fuck with Calli, I heard she'll rip your balls off!"
by unanymousperson. February 18, 2010
88 40
A smart, awesome, beautiful girl who loves everyone and is nice to those who are to her. She is very good at drwing and her and her BFF Emily speak the same language and set standards for all the other girls. Both have amazing personalities -but remember- if you mess with either of them-you'll pay for it.
Calli, is sooo beautiful, her and Emily are smartest girls in thje world!
by EmluvsHPandCalli May 04, 2011
29 17
A dysfunctional girl who never knows exactly what she wants. Everyday she is in a different mood, indicating some type of disorder, such as being bipolar. She is normally very happy and very nice to everyone she talks to, but it doesn't take much to make her mad. She is very outgoing and loud, but can also be conservative. She is immediately judgmental, but more often than not takes it back when she gets to know them. She doesn't have many friends, but the ones that she does have are true and will never leave her side. She tries her best at everything. She is sometimes considered a slacker for her apathy, however.

She is very easy, if you know what I mean. She's probably slept with a lot of different guys, but that's ok with her. Sex is sex to her. She feels open about it and thinks that others shouldn't be so shy about it. Sex is like a hobby to her. She enjoys it, but she also enjoys pleasuring that guy just as much. His feelings are possibly more important to her than her own.

She falls in love very easily. Almost every guy she sees she immediately becomes attracted to. Guys also fall in love with her easily because she's actually a great person despite everything else. Guys become intrigued by her in 10 minutes or less from the beginning of the conversation with her. She has a charm that not many can resist.

She is different, wild, quiet, stupid, stubborn, artistic, limber, flexible, ecclectic, dangerous, smart, nice, mean, caring, loving, etc.
"I can't describe it. I just can't put my finger on it. I think the perfect word for it is Calli."
by carressmedown. April 08, 2010
45 61
consistently always leave lovers initially
I met a beautiful woman, to whom I had lost my heart the first time I met her, after
a six week gap with no word. I asked why she had not been in touch and she said " I calli "
If I may I would like to dedicate this to a close friend, who if she reads this will recognise herself
by CriostoirHulme August 13, 2005
20 66